Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Finest of the Fine

By way of introduction, and because there is seemingly endless beauty here, in my inaugural post I introduce you to Eli. He is four (and a half!). He is 43 inches tall (which makes him tall enough to ride many rides at the amusement park, which is very important). He is kind. He loves to dance. He thinks "miscellaneous" is pronounced "miscelloaneous" (and please don't correct him because it has become my favorite non-word in the English language). He will tell you he wants to kiss your cheek and then lick it instead (but then, by way of apology, he'll kiss you anyway). He is unlike any other child I know. He is mine.

He will surely make numerous appearances here at One Fine Thing for things much more specific than just being himself, but it felt right to start things off with what I consider one of the most beautiful creatures I've ever met. Eli.

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