Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One Fine Thing

I'm lucky. Every once in a while -- and usually more often than that -- I notice something beautiful. Sometimes it's an object, something that nearly anyone would admire. Other times it's a feeling, something that only I know about and probably couldn't describe. And often it's a person, someone I just feel lucky to know. I don't think I'm unique in this tendency, but I do think this all relies on a muscle the needs some flexing every now and then, just to keep it working.


I'm busy. I don't always pause to appreciate what I'm noticing. I don't always remember what was beautiful by the next day. And I am certainly guilty of letting these fleeting things of beauty get overshadowed by the less extraordinary, the less important, the more pressing things that come my way.

And so...

I'm embarking. I hope this can be my place to record it all, for myself and for anyone else who might want to take a minute to notice what's beautiful, just one fine thing at a time.

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